Manage What You Measure

Peter Drucker is attributed to saying that you can only manage what you can measure. In the context of food and fitness, you can't manage your progress if you aren't measuring it.

The only way to know if you're getting stronger, your body composition is changing, or you're eating better is if you track what matters. Day to day measurements don't offer much but when you have weeks worth of data you get a much clearer view of trends, what's working, and what isn't.

You can only manage what you can measure

Remember, too, that you get to define the metrics and how you want to track them but it's critical to do so in a way that matters to you.

Don't think you have to track every single rep and set or every "macro" that you eat. These might be helpful for you. They might not be. Your job is to determine what matters to YOU. 

If you can, try track more than just one lone metrics like the number on the scale. Nothing exists in isolation and multiple metrics are required. In addition to weight you can track: body circumferences (arms, waist, etc.), body fat percentage, sleep (both hours slept and relative quality), reps and sets at a certain weight, and macronutrients.

You can also track:

-fitness adherence and attendance (e.g. goal = 3x week weight training and 3x week running)

-water consumption

-meal servings/portions (vs. macros)

-daily energy levels

-daily mood

-overall wellbeing

-number of new recipes tested

The options are only limited to A. your imagination and B. your ability to define what matters to you. That way, you can now figure out if what you're doing is working or it isn't working.

After all, this is the key to success. The Perfect Fitness Framework is built entirely around finding what works and doing more of that and finding what doesn't work and doing less of that.

Think you might need a little help figuring out what does and doesn't work for you and implementing this into your life? We specialize in simplifying fitness and nutrition to help busy professionals have more freedom, focus, and fun. 

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Evan Cook