Movement Is More Than Just Exercise

With bodies designed for it, we were born to move.

Movement isn't just about what you do in the gym - in reality, that is one small fraction of your daily movement.

The benefits of some form of resistance training are hard to ignore. But we can’t overlook ALL of our other daily movement. 

Remember, don’t major in the minors. If you’re at the gym for 1 hour a day, that still leave 23 hours outside of the gym and most likely 14 or 15 waking hour to be moving.

How do we optimize our daily movement?

First, start by paying attention to your day. Are you sedentary most of the day (e.g., working at a desk in an office)? Are you on your feet moving around most of the day (e.g., a teacher)? Is your body your primary tool (e.g., construction, contractors, professional athletes)?

Once you know where you’re at, you can adjust and adapt. 

Ask yourself, “am I moving enough during the day?”

How you define “enough” is up to you, but I think you’ll have some intuitive idea based on what you noticed above.

If you’re moving enough, great, keep doing you booboo.

If you’re moving too much, where might you be able to give yourself more time for rest and recovery or scale back what you’re doing during the day?

If you’re not moving enough (and I reckon this may be the majority), how might you be able to find more opportunities for movement during your day?

How can you continue to do more of what is working for you and maybe a bit less of what isn't?

A few things to consider adding:

-Instead of just letting your dog or pet out, play with them. Run with them. Roll around on the ground with them.

-Instead of crashing on the couch at the end of the day to talk about your day, try going for a short walk with a friend, family, or your significant other.

-Take the long way to the restroom during the day.

-Park your car as far away from the entrance as possible.

-Take the stairs

-Do ten burpees, bodyweight squats, or pushups before getting in the shower

-Come to Final Hour at 7:30 Monday through Wednesday (and 7:00 pm on Thursday) 😉

Ok, fine. That last one puts you in the gym. But you get to hang out with the Final Hour crew and me, so I had to add it.

On the other end of the spectrum to more rest and recovery:

-Use a foam roller for 5-10 minutes before bed

-Give yourself an extra half hour of sleep

-Invest in a full-body massage every couple of months

-Spend 15 minutes of your Sunday afternoon in the woods

-Stretch your body for 5-10 minutes when you first wake up

-Drink a big glass of water right when you wake up

-Do a few stretches during the day, particularly if you're seated/sedentary

I’m curious. 

Are you moving “enough” during the day? 

What are your favorite ways to move throughout the day? 

What are your favorite ways to recover, restore, and rejuvenate?


On your side,