Use the "Goldilocks" Zone to Make FAST, Sustainable Progress

Let's take it back to children's stories and nursery rhymes for a minute. 

Goldilocks is all about this little girl who has the audacity not only to break into a bear's house but to try out everything they own until she finds the thing to her liking. 

Porridge, beds you name it. 

What's interesting about this story is that we can draw a great parallel between Goldilocks finding something that's just right, and the sweet spot we look for we start taking action on our goals. You see, I challenge everyone I work with to take whatever outcome it is that they're after and begin to look at through the lens of skills, habits, and behaviors. 

What do you need to learn, get, or do to move toward that outcome? 

What I also do is help figure out how to build out natural progressions to those skills, habits, and behaviors. Far too often we try to hit our ideal on day one. This usually doesn't end well. 

Going from mainly sedentary to hitting the gym five, six, seven times in a week is just asking for trouble. Going from daily McDonald's to nothing but salads and smoothies, it's admirable but not likely sustainable. 

Now, this isn't to say that I want you to do one bicep curl at the gym and call it a day. 

Rather, we want to find a way to stay in that sweet spot as often as we can regardless if it's a food, fitness, or lifestyle goal.

This sweet spot is where things are just right. It's not too easy where you'll get bored or frustrated from lack of progress. It's also not too hard where you'll get discouraged and give in. It's just the right level of difficulty where it'll challenge you, but you're confident that you can do it even if it takes a few tries. 

Keeping my clients in this Goldilocks zone is the name of my game. It's where we make the most sustainable progress while enjoying the most significant breakthroughs. Not always immediately and rarely all at once but this keeps confidence levels high and quickly build a fair bit of momentum. 

And boy howdy I sure do love the power of momentum. 

So, how can you use the Goldilocks zone in your life? 

What are you working on that seems a bit too easy or stale? How might you progress this to something just a bit more challenging? 

Or on the flip side, what's something you're contemplating giving up that's just proven to be a bit too difficult? How might you break this down into a few additional pieces and parts that you're a bit more confident that you can do? 

On your side,