The Story Behind the HDHU Name

The "HDHU" Name

HDHU stands for Head Down, Heart Up. This is name of our parent company, Head Down Heart Up, LLC where our slogan is lead with your head and live from your heart.

Having our heads down is dually symbolic. First, bowing your head is a sign of respect and humility not guilt or shame. It's also about doing the work. "Lead with your head." In all of the research that I've done, the secret to success in anything is a matter of showing up and doing your work. It doesn't matter how you define "the work" as long as you show up and do it. This is about letting your actions speak for you. There are times when we need to lift our heads to look around and take in the world. However, this is about focusing on you and your work.

Remember, persistence, consistency, and effort; that's a powerful combination.

Keeping your heart up is also dually symbolic. It represents living from a place of Love and connection in whatever it is that you're doing. Again, it doesn't matter what that is as long as it's something you can get behind with your whole heart. It's about knowing why you do what you do and bringing your vision of the world to life. This also represents having pride in your work as an offering to the world. 

How does this relate back to health, fitness, and nutrition?

Every change takes some level of work, especially when it comes to changing or completely replacing some of our longest running habits. Our fitness & nutrition habits are no exception.

To make a lasting change in our lives, we need to be persistent, consistent, and put in the effort. But what's important to remember is this: our two guiding philosophies are "How can we have the most fun?" and "If it were easy, what would it look like?"

Yes, there is work to be done (heads down), but when this work is paired with a deep underlying motivator (heart up), there is nothing in the world that can stop us.

And none of this implies that it has to be boring and incredibly difficult. Now, it might be. And that's ok. We're here to help with that. But first focusing on finding ways to have the most fun and determining what "easy" would look like is a completely different perspective and approach.

Showing up ready to work, that's your business. Having fun and making things easy, that's our business. And that's how we roll.

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Evan Cook