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Hey there,

Ev here and thank you so much for checking my 14-Day Become Your Own Success Story Challenge. If you hadn't already noticed, I like to keep things simple so you may see this referred to as the BYOSS Challenge.

When you sign up for the challenge, for 14 days I have one goal and one goal only:

To show you what it takes to Become Your Own Success Story in your fitness, your health, and your life.

Ok fine. Two goals.

I also want to help you build up one of the most powerful forces in the known Universe:


When you have momentum on your side, there is little that can stop you. This is physics, after all (e.g. an object in motion tends to stay in motion).

This is a tall order, I know. But since you're up for the challenge, you damn well know I am too.

This isn’t your typical food and fitness challenge. 

I’m not making any wild promises of radical results in two weeks. That’s silly. I refuse to contribute to that nonsense. It serves no one.

My 14-day challenge is simple:

Pick ONE habit, skill, or behavior that is critically important to you, that will move you closer to your goals, and practice it daily for 14 days. 

Yup, that’s it. No complete overhauls. No empty promises. Just focused work for 14 Days. 

Now, when you sign up and get in there, I’ll help you pick that one thing. Don’t worry if you don’t choose the “right” thing. You can always focus on something different in a couple weeks. For now, pick one thing and stick with it.


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Your goal over the two weeks is to find ways to make this work. When we’re just starting out or learning something new, we might not feel like that thing is working when really it’s just new to us. It’s up to us to get a little creative and try different approaches to that thing. And because we're focusing exclusively on ONE thing, we should have the time and space to play, experiment, and explore (three of my favorite things!).

Then, if at the end of the two weeks it still isn’t working. Scrap it. And don’t ever try it again (or at least not for a very long time). It doesn’t work for you.

Finding what doesn't work so we can do less of it is often more important than finding something that does. 

This challenge is simple, but it’ll still challenge you. It’s not flashy, so it’ll take discipline. You’ll have to ignore the noise and the pull to chase the new shiny object so that you can focus on one thing. You see, it isn't that we’re bad at multitasking rather, we’re not very good at multi-focusing.

This challenge is less about what you choose to do and more about the practice of getting better at one small thing at a time. 

As we near the end of the 14 Days, I’ll help you figure out what’s next. 

This is the exact approach I use with my clients. We figure out what they want, why they want it and then work together to figure out how to get there. We prioritize the skills habits and behaviors we need to get them there, and then we work in two-week iterations, focusing exclusively on one thing until they’ve met or exceeded their goals. Or rather, until they've become the person they want to become.

At the end of the two weeks, we reflect on what worked, what didn't, and what we're going to focus on for the next two weeks.


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It’s not complicated. It’s honestly not that hard when done correctly.  But it does take practice and often a good bit of guidance and support. 

Most 30/60/90 day challenges follow a similar pattern; you go "all in" for a couple months, you're all fired up as you watch the results pile on (assuming you follow the plan perfectly) and then the challenge ends. And then your old habits and behaviors start to creep back in, along with the discouragement, disappointment, and frustration. 

I envisioned a better way. Image this; in one year you have 26 two-week iterations. We can even break this down further and say you have 12 one-month iterations.

How different would your life be if at the end of one year you changed 12-26 different habits or behaviors (or learned new skills)? What would your life look like?

This is a possible reality. It’s not hard. It’ll challenge you, yes. But it’s not difficult. Difficulty, well, that's a matter of opinion.  I was watching David Letterman's "My Next Guest." On the episode featuring President Barack Obama, he mentioned a great quote from former US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who said, "You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts."

This all starts with your first 14 Days. If you’re ready to finally become your own success story, commit just two-weeks of your life to start to make that your reality. I’ll be here to help every step of the way. 

We’ll see you in there. 

On your side, 


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