Where Are You? Assess Your Situation

As a coach, I use assessments all the time. Quite honestly, it’s one of the only ways for us to create a system for figuring out what is and isn't working. A comprehensive initial assessment is the cornerstone of my onboarding process. It’s also one thing I see missing when many fine folks start out on their own.

I talk a lot about taking action, but we can’t discount the power of awareness (assuming we do something with that awareness).

We often know we need to make a few changes in our lives to move us closer to that healthy, happy, fit person we want to become, but we often don’t know what or where to put our focus.

It’s why we often find ourselves in a position of trying to change everything all at once, getting frustrated and discouraged and then going back to our old ways. There’s no focus, no clarity.

You need to know what needs to be modified before you can modify it. It sounds so simple, but it's almost always missed. And heck, you might quickly uncover that what you thought you needed to change was already pretty close to where you want it to be.

Starting out your journey with a self-assessment can help bring this same focus and clarity. This will give you a feel for your current state. What’s already going well and what needs the most work? Usually, the answers to your questions will make it pretty obvious. Then it becomes much easier to prioritize what you’re going to work on and then iterate as you build out the skills, habits, and behaviors.

Evan CookComment