Module 2 - Section 3 - Building Your Backlog

Creating your Backlog, your List, is a simple process but one that deserves the time and space to be right. After all, this list will drive the actions and will ultimately determine whether or not you reach your goals.

I recommend completing the following steps using a physical piece of paper. I know, I know it's 2018 what is Ev thinking? Just trust me on this one.

 In Module 3 we'll talk more about a couple other tools you can use like Trello or Evernote. 


List out the 20 things that you think you need to do to reach your goals. Use your responses from both your Initial Assessment and from the Outcomes to Behaviors Exercise to help build this list.

Anything and everything.

If it’s more than 20, great. Include it. But it should be at least 20.

For example, get to the gym, eat more vegetables, drink more water, cut out sugar, eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat after 10 pm, sleep 8 hours a night, intermittently fast, take supplements, etc.

Whatever it is, list it out until you hit 20.

Step 2:

Once you have your list, circle your Top 5.

I suspect this may be a challenge in and of itself if not more so than creating the original. That’s ok. Be patient. Do it right.

Once you do this, I promise you’ll have “it” figured out better than most people.

Step 3:

With your Top 5, put these on a new piece of paper.

You now have two of the most important lists you’ll ever write.

Your Top 5 are the things you’re going to do, and if we’re working together, we’ll continue to prioritize this, break it down into actionable steps, and adjust and adapt as we go. It might not be perfect, but that’s ok. But this is our priority list. This is where we start. This is the shit that actually matters.

The other list of 15, that’s likely a list of your biggest ugliest distractions.

These are the things that are keeping you from reaching your goals.

These are the things that are spending you too thin, making you feel like you have to do everything all of the time.

These are the things that destroy your focus and keep you chasing the next shiny new thing.