Module 2 - Section 6 - Show Me

“But I Already Know How To Do That”

Very few of us are coming into the PFF SHBs with zero experience. Chances are you may have tried one or many of these in the past.

But that doesn’t preclude you from practicing them.

Just because we know how to do something doesn’t mean we always do when we know.

Usually what I’ll ask in these situations is, “Show me.”

Show me that you’re already practicing the SHB consistently. Show me how you’re doing it.

Know that I’m not asking for you to prove it to me, rather I want you to prove it to yourself.

Are we really as consistent as we think we are?

Even if you think you already know how to do something, use an iteration in the Perfect Fitness Framework to test out this assumption.

If at the end of a week you find that, yeah, you’re pretty consistent with it then great. You just invested a week to clean up any potential loose ends with that SHB.

But what you may find is that you only think you’ve been consistent with your SHB or maybe you’ll find you haven’t progressed it at all in years. 

Well, then we’re on to something and now you have the awareness and insight to continue to do something about it.