Outcomes to Behaviors

Try as we might, we can't control the outcomes - especially not in our expected timelines. It's one of the same reasons why I'm not a huge fan of SMART goals particularly the T for time bound.

The PFF takes a different approach. We focus on skills, habits, and behaviors and doing them consistently. That is, our focus move from seeking an outcome to practicing a behavior.

This takes something daunting and makes it approachable. You might think "I could never lose 100 pounds." Maybe you can, maybe you can't. The answer is irrelevant. But do you think you could practice including a palms-sized portion (or two) of protein at your next meal? Probably. Eat slowly at your next meal? Most likely.

Practiced enough times, you'll get there.

This takes away the need for a HUGE mindset shift from can't to can. It makes it almost unnoticeable. While the euphoric dopamine hit of quick results is tempting, we all know that it rarely lasts.

That's why we're going to do a quick exercise that will help you take the outcomes you seek and translate them into the skills, habits, and behaviors that will bring them to life.

You'll use some of the information you gather here in a later section, so be sure to give this one the time and attention that it deserves.

Evan CookComment