When To Use This Journal

When To Use This Journal

The Perfect Fitness Framework shows you how to make change both as easy as possible and also sustainable. Let’s not forget that the act of using this journal can also be considered a change in your life. The last thing I want for you is to struggle with integrating this into your daily life because daily use leads to the most success.

First, let’s look at the “when” to use this journal and for this we need to make three considerations:

The first is when will you do some of the initial exercises in the journal or via the learning center? These exercises serve as your “setup to success” and ultimately identify how, what, and why you’re going to use the journal. 

The second is when will you complete your daily check-in? The daily check-in sets the pace and tone for the day by identifying what’s important and looking at anything that may stand in your way.

Third is when will you complete your weekly check-in? The weekly check-in is your opportunity to figure out if what you’re doing is working or if it isn’t. If it’s the former, this is your opportunity to figure out how to do more of that. If it’s the latter, this is your time to recalibrate and adjust for the coming week.

The best way to build each of these events into your life is by leveraging the power of “habit stacking.” I got this idea from James Clear (JamesClear.com) and BJ Fogg (TinyHabits.com) so a tip of the hat to both of them. 

Habit Stacking is exactly what it sounds like; you’re going to stack this new habit on top (or under) an existing habit. A quick example would be completing your daily check-in immediately before or immediately after brushing your teeth each morning. Brushing your teeth each morning is, hopefully, an existing habit and ripe for the stacking.

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