Reprioritization and Refinement

It’s important to focus on what matters the most to you. But it’s also important to know that jumping around from this thing to that thing is always going to take you longer than sticking it out.

This is where many of have gotten tripped up in the past. We start out with a particular focus but get distracted by something flashy and new and then again by the next “miracle.” And then we wonder why we’re not making any progress in any direction. We’re figuratively and literally spinning and circles.

That doesn’t mean our priority won’t change; it just needs to be a conscious choice. Maybe after practicing a few Food-Focused SHBs, you no longer have the same aesthetic goals and want to put more attention to your Fitness-Focused performance goals. Or you’re starting to feel incredible and want to push that a bit more by emphasizing your Lifestyle-Focused optimization goals.

Whatever it is, it happens, and acknowledging this shift is something that is central to Agile and Scrum and is something I purposefully built into the Perfect Fitness Framework. Our lives are dynamic and changing, so our approach to our health should be too in a way that doesn’t feel like we’re starting over with each shift.

When we’re working with Precision Nutrition’s curriculum, we adjust this priority-shift with a focus-shift. If you want to focus more on your fitness goals, then we’ll focus more on the corresponding workouts and progress in that realm. If it’s Lifestyle-focused, then we’ll focus more on consistency with prior habits and some side challenges. If it’s Food-focused, then we’ll put as much energy and attention into our current SHB and the corresponding lessons.

With the Perfect Fitness Framework, you have a bit more flexibility in that you can physically adjust the order of your backlog. You can even reintroduce an SHB you previously practiced to put more focus on that again. The Big 15 List I gave you is just a starting point. If you want to move the 10th thing in the list up to number three, two, or one, do it. But make sure it aligns with what matters to you. 

Before making any changes, be sure to revisit your responses to where you want to go and why and make updates here as well if these have changed. If you still want the same thing, then you might not need to make any changes to your backlog.

One other important consideration when practicing your skills, habits, and behaviors is that these, too, may require some level of iteration. That is, the SHB itself may be too "macro" and we need to refine it by breaking it down into more manageable chunks.

For example, you might not be at a place to jump right into a 3 day a week training plan. You might need to go once or twice for a couple weeks before that third day really has a chance to stick. It's completely fine to build in some natural progressions.

Or, as you’re practicing eating slowly (consumption pace) you may need to look at eating slowly for one meal as a win for a week. Then the next week maybe this expands to two meals each day. Maybe it takes three or four weeks to be proficient in doing this at every meal.

Build these natural progressions into your timelines. Just because I recommend two-week iterations doesn’t mean that’s right for you. Certain SHBs maybe only require a week. This might just be your “show me” moment before moving on to the next. 

Others may take 3-4+ weeks for you to be proficient and call it “done.” 

There’s no right and wrong here. Don’t move on until you feel confident in your skill, habit, or behavior. There’s no rush.