The Daily Check-In is all about micro-reflection and micro-adjustments whereas the Weekly Check-In is a bit more macro, bigger picture focused. A monthly or quarterly check-in would be even more so but to start, we're staying at the weekly level.

The Weekly Check-In should take 10-20 minutes and it's simply a review of your week and intention setting for the coming week. We also use this as an opportunity to capture some biofeedback (remember, not just body weight but also how you're feeling overall). Biofeedback helps us quantify the qualitative so that we have some data to back up our progress. We may think we're doing everything right but if you feel drained all the time, are we really?

Here's the setup of the Weekly Check-In:

How are you feeling (1=Catastrophe Mode, 10=Epic!):




How were your energy levels this week?

How well did you sleep this week?

How consistent were you with your habits?

If training, how were your workouts this week?

What went well? Where are you really shining? Why?

What didn't go so well? Where are you struggling? Why?

On a 1-10, how confident/consistent are you with your current habit? Are you ready to practice something new?

If yes (yay!), what is your focus for next week? What's important?

If no, what is your focus for next week? What's important? What else do you need to do to move this to "Done?"

Is there anything that needs to be reprioritized? (if yes, do it!)

Take progress photos (front, back, side).

What other biofeedback is/are important to you that you want to track here? Do that now.

Reviewing your current biofeedback to your last two or three (if available), do they align with what you’d expect?

If yes, what will you do to keep moving them in that direction? If no, what might you need to change (if anything)?


In the next section, we'll go over some tools you can use for the Daily Check-In, Capturing Biofeedback, and the Weekly Check-In.